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Our Diamond pledges whole hearted support to the 'Save Shikharji' movement. We firmly believes in fair dealings, engages in honest practises and have always been in forefront to fight against any injustice, be it any vertical. This is the sole reason, why we are committed to create awareness about Govt's grave injustices towards the most important Tirth of Jains - Shikharji located in Girdih district in Jharkhand.

"Consciousness is only possible through change, change is possible through movement"


Where to sign the petition?
Online as well as offline.
I have signed both, am I done with my duty towards Save Shikarji?
NO... There is lots more to do...
What is it?
We have signed the petitions online and offline... Now we need to spread word and make others also sign the petition both online and offline.
That shall be done by the people who have taken initiative... We need not get involved...
No... It's not just their duty... We being JAIN it's our duty too... If not we then who???
How can we help?
We shall form a group... Go door to door or call srisangh to derasar/sthanak... and get petitions signed both online and offline...
So how do I get the petitions signed...?
NO... There is lots more to do...
It looks difficult!
With Dev guru dharma kripa everything is possible... If not entire city... we can atleast cover-up our area/lane/society.
How to sign petition?

For offline... Just message your address to the team - 9663925242. They shall courier you the Forms, Banners and other required materials... and shall guide you through out...

Now let's work hard together... SAVE SHIKARJI... and create history again... like our purvaj did...!

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